App Lock


Want to secure your phone?? 
Want to hide your apps from your friends?
Want to stop other people to look into your apps?

This application lock, App Lock let you do all these tasks .Open the App Lock application, set your password and confirm your password. Set the recovery email address, in case you forget the password, your password will be sent to this registered email. After setting password and email, Choose the applications you want to lock. 

Enable the App Lock to lock the selected application. 
App Lock gives you a combined experience of style and performance .App lock helps you in keeping access of your private apps only to you.

With App Lock, you can Secure all to System Apps, Advance Apps, Downloaded apps. You can put lock on your chat apps WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, WeChat, Skype, BBM, Line, Twitter, Games and all other apps and games .

Shuffle Keyboard:-
You can enable the shuffle keyboard option. With this option enable, each time when password prompt comes, keyboard buttons are shuffled. 

Change Password:- 
Change the password and set it to new.

Its Totally Free. Download now and secure apps.

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    very nice
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