Spy Camera


Spy Cam application convert your device into real spy gadget. Spy cam gadget application is full of awesome feature which will entertain you. Features are also contains the privacy option which keep the data privacy from others. Spy cam offering spy recording, spy capturing, private recording and private capturing through this awesome spy gadget. Here are lots of setting option to handle this application and main focus to keep privacy of data even your application. Spy cam is turning on your device into interesting spy gadget which is working as a surveillance camera. So you are one click far to be spy or use your device as a spy gadget.

Spy cam’s interesting features: 

·         Spy Recording allows you to recording in background and you can set time limit of recording.

·         Spy Capture is automated capturing in background and you can set time duration between capturing and you can set number of picture you want to capture.

·         Using spy cam you can set privacy of recorded and captured file and turn off alert popping during surveillance.

·         even more you can set choose front camera to surveillance.

·         Private Recording allows you to keep your recording data into private folder in your device's internal memory.

·         Private Capture allows you to keep your photos private mode in internal memory.

·         Spy cam providing lots of setting features through which you can protect your application and its data.

·         Spy cam have feature of hiding application (Only for calling supported devices) icon if you want extra more security for spy cam.

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