Finger Cutter


Finger cutter is the best app to enjoy with your friends as a prank. you can convert your phone into a extremely dangerous cutting tool that can cut you fingers or any part of you body into pieces and blood will turn out of you body part if you will use this finger cutter app. 
This dangerous finger cutter tool has a lot of sharp edge cutting tools that will slice finger or any other body part in a single touch sound, vibration and animation effects provide a real feel of finger cutting or body part cutting effects.
You just need to choose the hard core and sharp tool which you want to use as your finger cutter and it will start its working on your screen if you touch its edges or sharp corners it will cut your finger and blood will pour out on screen, so beware to use this finger cutter or body cutter app.
Have fun with your friends and family as it’s a prank app.

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  • mobibrick**       3/4/2014
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