SMS Reader


Sms reader or sms speaker makes you sms reading easy wondering how to Listen to SMS? This app will read sms for you by voice. Just click on activate button and it will start reading sms by voice, you can change reading option by setting it in setting options. This program will not work if your phone doesn’t have text-to-speech data installed in your phone. No need to worry about that! Caller Name Talker will redirect you to Google play to install text-to-speech data into your phone if your phone doesn’t have it pre-installed.


Features :


-Enable disable sms reader or sms speaker

-Sms reader will Read sms on arrival or you change it according to your preferences         from settings.

-Call sender name.

-Can read sms according to your time you can make these changes in setting.

-Change sms reader voice speed and voice pitch.



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