Submarine Run-Underwater


Explore and feel the astonishing underwater world. Down the Periscope and Get in the submarine. 
It is the best underwater submarine endless game. You will forget all other running, surfer, temple, subway ,jet games. Feel the coolest game available. One of the best fast, actions, cool endless game available.

You need to survive as long as you can. Save yourself form the underwater ice rocks and sea creatures like octopus , fishes ,underwater world of snakes, sharks, giant squid ,swimmers and sea grass and lot more. Drive your submarine from in between the rocks and other sea animals that try to attack you .Survive as long as you can and compete with others. 
Move up, down, right and left over and around lots of different underwater sea animals in this best endless underwater submarine game . So, get up and be ready to face the challenges.

Features :
1.Fantastic Graphics and music
2.Fast and Action game
3. Strategy base game to survive as long as possible .
4.Global Scoring System
5.Endless excitement 
6.Very easy controls
7.Addicative Gameplay
8.Best Underwater , sea game experience .
9.Test your reflexes with increasing difficulty level .

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