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Gochat lock is a simply designed app so that anyone can use it with an ease. There are option to activate or deactivate your Gochat lock if you activate your Gochat security then no one else than you will be able to access your gallery with password. \n\n Forgot Password: If you forgot your password you need not to worry just click forgot password and you will get your password on your registered Gochat address. \n\n For any further queries you can email at support@mobibrick.com

Gochat lock is a best and simply designed app so that anyone can use it with an ease on Android. Secure your Gochats. Locked Gochats will be accessible to you only as everything is protected by your password that can not be accessed anyhow from your Gochat lock and if some one tries to get your password in that case your password will only be sent to your Gochat. Its 100% security for you phone Gochats.




1.            Directory level access and browsing

2.            Hide bulk Gochats with single click

3.            Preview Gochats before hiding or removing its security

4.            Password recovery on your Gochat , If you forgot your password you need not to worry just click on forgot password and you will receive your password in your inbox of registered email by this no one else can access your password and your Gochats are always safe

5.            Folder level view of hidden Gochat content.

6.            Auto Lock: if you forget to exit and your phone get into sleep mode you need not to worry your Gochat contents are still safe as if anyone try to access it they must need your password.

7.            Password switch: you can switch your password at any time.

8.            24x7 supports: send a mail a support@mobibrick.com and you will get a call-back or instant reply.

9.            All premium feature of app are available with this app

10.          Memory saver: as compared to other app this app doesn’t slow down your phone by consuming lot of your phone memory as it mainly works with text mode.

11.          Unlimited number of Gochats can be hide there is no restriction.

12.          Support all Gochat content.

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