Skype Lock


skype lock is the best security tool for your skype messages ,media, images, videos on your  android phone, it can lock you skype to make them safe from unauthorized access . you can lock all your messages, images, video, audio, skype on your phone, This app makes all your skype password protected nobody else than you can access your locked skype in case you forgot your password just click on forgot password and you will get your password on your email id.

Everything is protected by your password that can not be accessed anyhow from your skype  lock and if some one tries to get your password in that case your password will only be sent to your email. Its 100% security for you phone. Password recovery on your email , If you forgot your password you need not to worry just click on forgot password and you will receive your password in your inbox of registered email by this no one else can access your password and your videos are always safe. All premium feature of app are available with this skype lock app. You can change your password at any time you want.



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