RAM Booster



Memory booster is a best time ram booster which increases empty space in memory by removing old , useless and unwanted apps task that are running unnecessarily in memory due to which your phone starts giving low performance. Smart phone some time can not perform due to lack of memory or you can loss or ram memory . Memory booster or ram booster helps your phone to overcome this issue and to boost memory space or boost ram space in your phone.


How it works:

You can also call it as task killer as it kills the tasks that are occupying space in phone memory or in ram just because of previous running programmes ram booster or memory booster will save memory and act as memory saver and provide a better memory space to perform a smart phone better.


How to use:

There is no complexion in using this memory booster or ram booster just click a single button at it will automatically detect all your memory consuming and unwanted task and take action to save memory or make memory free from unwanted tasks by killing those tasks


This single app will work as Memory booster, ram booster, memory saver, task killer, memory, ram, memory manager so just use and see diffrence


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