Diamond Crusher

Diamond crusher is a tricky game for kids, adults and all age groups this is addictive Diamond matcher game with number of levels. In this Diamond crusher game you have to collect same kind of candies in a same row so that all candies are connected to each other once there are two or more than two candies together you can crush them and earn points.
Diamond crusher or Diamond match is fun and addictive game for kids and adults. You can spend hours with this Diamond crusher game in this game you need to pop up the combination candies it depends on levels what will be the combination of candies crush. In this Diamond crusher game you need to score as much as you can because all scores are saved and all users across the globe can see who the best Diamond crusher is or who can bubble pop the best so if you want to be best shoot bubbles as much as you can in a combination and in minimum time and save your score with your name to show that you are best Diamond crusher and you can do best Diamond crush.
So get set to be a Diamond crusher champion and win.
How to play:
Your difficulties with this Diamond crusher game will increase with increase in level of this Diamond crusher game as you start clearing levels your time for clearing all Diamond crush will decrease and target score that you have achieve will increase means you have to crush more candies in lesser time as you move up in levels
In each level you need to make combination of same candies and crush them for example in first level you can crush 2 same candies together but in next level you much have 3 same candies combination to make a successful Diamond crush.
After completing each level you will get an image which you can save to your SD Card or set it as your wallpaper if you like that images.
Different difficulty levels.
Time trail with score chase
Images to save and set as wallpaper after clearing each Diamond crusher level if you have a failure you have to play again.
Save score globally you can check your player status in scores.
Tricks needed to clear each level
Crush  sound effects with each Diamond crush
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