Mind Twister

Do you want to train your brain with brain games or do you want to boost your brain with some brain games or you want improve your memory with some mid game or brain game then this is the game you are looking for it will help you in enhancing your brain power, mind power and much more this brain game or mind game allows to recall numbers and need a quick type which requires good brain so if you want to boost your brain just install and play this brain game or mind game it will also give you a mind training or brain training to boost you mind power
How to play:
There will be a set of numbers and they will dissapear after few second you have to click on boxes accoring to increasing order of number there are unlimited number of levels clear as many as you can and subbmitt your score and see whats your mind rating among all over the world players try to be the best if you can and game will show your mind power or how much your brain is active this will be a lot of fun with your brain training.
Enhance thinking power.
As it is a mind game it will help you and your kid’s brain development.
Boost your action reaction brain power
Different difficulty level in brain game for different level of minds
Kids ,adult and old people any one can play.
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