Break Egg

Have you ever hit bugs in a store if not then this is the time to Smash bugs, Smash ants, beetles, spiders, cockroaches, 
flies, ladybug, shield bug. This will not be only loved by you your kids will also love it there are different kind of bugs 
with different powers to win you have to kill bugs within a time limit and if you done this you can call yourself as Ant 
smasher, Bug smasher, Spider Smasher, Cockroach smasher, Ladybug smasher, Fly Smasher.
You have to save the store from bugs.
Highly entertaining for kids, boys and girls. Special virtual goods that make the game easier for young players can be 
acquired! It's so addicting! Experience this killer bug invasion!
How to play
use your finger to smash bugs and it may takes 2-3-4 or may be five hits to kill a bug but hitting in store at wrong place 
will deduct your score so beware smash bugs only not the store items
Best time pass games.
Best bug smashing animations
Different levels and difficulties
Various kind of bugs available
Kids game and children game the will love it
Bugs run across whole store
They can fly as well
Just install and enjoy pooping the bugs just pop pop pop them
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  • mobibrick**       3/4/2014
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