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Signal Booster is a phone signal booster for android to improve antenna signal. Actually no application can let the cell tower or router to send you a stronger signal to boost your cell signal. But our app Phone Signal Booster can really refresh your wireless signal!
Many applications such as "cell signal booster" has declared their app can boost your wireless signal strength and speed up your network speed. But actually they may not always working and some are fake boosting. But we guarantee our cell signal booster can really refresh your all your network's signal and strength, we believe it will be the best cell booster for your choice!

1) Display a diagram for you to analyze your signal strength so you can move your mobile or pad near to your network hotspot to get a faster wireless speed and increase your wireless signal strength.
2) Refresh and reconnect to your router or signal deliver tower immediately.
3) Recover your lost wireless signal automatically just by one simple click.
4) Speed up android signal for a good Internet browsing and downloading speed.
5) The best signal booster which is Easy To Use

How to Use:
1) Download this phone Signal Booster and open it.
2) Click the "Increase signal" button to boost your wireless network speed.

For wireless Signal Booster, check XDA thread for more information.

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